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09 July 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Round One - Challenge Three  
Congratulations to all who've made it through so far. i do have just a few things to clear up before we get into the challenge -

  1. One of the participants asked if she could switch her entry if she made another one she liked better. You can do that. If you make one and submit it and then make another one you like better, please feel free to switch it.
  2. I'll probably be posting most of the challenges on Sunday after the results come out because it's easier on me and it gives everyone an extra day or so to make an icon out of the cap selected.
  3. And one last thing, when you submit your icon to the challenge post - don't post as an anonymous poster. I'm the only one who can see your icon here, so please post with your username. The anonymous rule only applies when posting in other communities and your own journals.
And onto the challenge...

The Participants who signed up but are unable to participate: juliet42, bentfire, hermyfan, americangrl69, frostthepie, dreamydaydream, buffy_fiend, mis_tee, & tambaquip

+ Icons can be no bigger than 40kb or 100x100. Smaller, however, is allowed
+ Animation is also allowed, given that you only use the image provided to you.
+ Don't post your entry anywhere else until voting is over for this challenge. If you do, it's an automatic disqualification from the competition.
+ Post your entries as a comment to this post with the Image (tag) and the URL. All comments are screened.
+ One entry per person
+ You can not use any other images than the one provided to you, but you are allowed use of brushes, textures, stocks, etc...


Deadline: July 14, 2006 @ 11 p.m. EST

Important Links
Rules [link]
Participant Listing [link]
Skip Chances [link]